Breanne is the best vocal teacher I’ve ever had. Not only is she extremely qualified and made a huge difference in my voice just in 5 years, she also impacted my life in so many ways. Such a kind soul who genuinely cares about every single one of her students, all while doing so with great professionalism.


Breanne gave me all of the skills that I needed to stretch my range, create healthy vocal habits and even helped me learn to accompany myself with piano. Breanne teaches with passion and excellence. She is an incredible vocal coach for any guy or girl of any age!


Breanne was my voice teacher for a few years, and I accumulated so much knowledge from her teaching. She has a passion for music and accommodates every student to the best of her ability. Her determination allowed me to grow as an artist and allowed me to learn techniques that I use daily. Without her teachings I wouldn't be where I am today!


Breanne truly has a passion for teaching her students! She encourages them each and every week and really makes every lesson a wonderful experience. Ashley enjoyed several years with Breanne and just completed her Grade 8 in RCM in both practical and theory. Breanne was there with her every step of the way with guidance and encouragement. Truly a wonderful music teacher


Breanne was highly recommended by our niece and we would absolutely recommend her to others - her enthusiasm for music is contagious. Both of my girls take piano from Breanne, and they felt comfortable with her immediately, and were eager to learn and practice each week. Even when learning theory, Breanne plays games with them like ‘musical hangman’. They book look forward to going to piano each week! My daughters are both on the shy side and with the recitals especially they have become more confident. They are eager to learn more!


Breanne was recommended to us by friends, and has a teaching method and an energy that encompasses learning with fun (the key to music and art, in our opinion). Our son takes piano lessons with Breanne, and has found a gift and skill we didn’t know he had. He will also be able to use this skill to learn other instruments now which excites him. He LOVES the piano and since he started taking lessons from Breanne he has found pleasure in learning and in music. We are so pleased we found her!


I can’t even begin to tell you the voice knowledge of this girl - holy cow! Breanne knows her stuff when it comes to healthy vocal singing. I have learned so much, and her vibrant and funny personality is contagious. She is so passionate about her teaching, and treats every student (young or not-so-young!) with such compassion and care. I’m able to sing on stage with ease and comfort due to her offering of fun performing nights. As a mature student, I was unsure if I could really still sing, and Breanne has brought out the best in my voice over the last few years.


Breanne came highly recommended due to her talent and ability to help younger students. She has helped me improve overall with breath management and sound, especially. I have benefitted from her teaching by also having confidence in myself in front of large crowds. I would recommend Breanne to anyone - she is a great talent who ‘gets’ students and is easy to understand and interact with. She makes each lesson fun and enjoyable - Breanne rocks!!